Book Covers That Draw Attention

Many people ask us what makes book covers eye catching and draws a reader to your book. In the growing market of independent authors you need to stand out in a very large crows of books. A stunning book cover can help. Whether you are doing your own, or you need support make sure you follow some of these important steps.

  1. Have a central focal point
  2. Surrounding elements should draw the eye to the focal point
  3. Colors should compliment not obscure or distract
  4. Fonts should stand out against background
  5. Simple is better – don’t overcrowd your cover with too many elements
  6. Be sure your elements are sized properly – stretching is obvious

Overwhelmed yet? Designing a good book cover can be challenging. Finding a good cover artist can enhance your book publishing efforts ten fold. Whether you work with us or someone else, here are a few things to know in working with a cover artist:

  1. Find someone experienced
  3. Send them the blurb of your book and make your expectations clear
  4. Remember you get what you pay for – Most cover artists work with stock photos – if you want specific shots, be prepared to pay for a photo shoot with live models
  5. Talk to your artist before the first draft is done to clearly outlay your vision
  6. Take the time to gather your thoughts before asking for revisions – sometimes one shot is all you get to revise your cover

We’d love to help you design that cover that will Get You Noticed. Contact Us today if we can help.

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