New Service – Basic Website Design

Being an author is more than being just a writer. You also have to be a marketing expert as well and treat being an author as a business. Every business needs a website, a place where people can find out who you are and what you’re all about. Select-O-Grafix, LLC has recognized this and we […]

Social Media Promotion for Authors

  So much to do, so little time. Ever feel that way as an Indie Author trying to promote your newest release? Ever feel defeated or overwhelmed by all the Social Media options? We’re here to help. Social Media is important for a few reasons: It gets the word out about your book through your […]

Why Video Ads Are A Good Idea

Ever tried boosting a post on Facebook and been told your ad exceeds their 20% text limit? Frustrating isn’t it? With a video ad you don’t have that problem. What is a video ad? It’s a 45 second to 1 minute video that highlights either you or your book in a very creative way. Think […]

Using Graphic Materials to Build Your Brand

Many authors new to the published scene are astonished at how overwhelming the marketing piece to our industry is. Believe me, I’m still learning! In this blog post, I’m going to post a few tips that are necessary to begin to building an author brand. Branding Tip #1 Get a Logo to represent you as an author. […]

Free E-Book Cover Offer!

Yes! The owner has lost her mind! But only for a short time. From now until 10/16/15 you can get a free e-book cover from Select-O-Grafix, LLC. Of course there are some rules which will be listed below, but if you were ever wanting to try out a new cover artist, now is the time. […]

Select-O-Grafix Produces Children’s Books

You’ve written a children’s book, have all your illustrations, but need to pull it all together into a book you can be proud of and sell? We can Get You Noticed! Introducing… Children’s Book Covers and Formatting Service A Children’s Book should be bright colorful and appealing. We have the tools needed to format your book […]