Essential Elements For A Stunning Cover

As you begin to work with a designer on your cover, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The author name should be prominent on the design. It’s really all about you, or it should be. The title is important, but who wrote the book is more important. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”
  • Don’t overcrowd the cover with elements. Simple is best. You’re not trying to tell the entire story in one design. Choose elements that tease
  • Give your cover the same “feel” as your story – If the cover is a mystery don’t use bright sunny flowers and a swirling, looping font.
  • Sometimes people aren’t the best fit for a cover – try other elements so the reader can imagine your characters
  • Be sure the font can be seen even on a thumbnail size  – You’ve seen covers where the color of the font completely fades into the background particularly on a thumbnail size picture. As above, the author name and title should be the focal point.

Study covers done by professionals. If you’re designing your own, build some serious skill in the software programs that allow you to play with stunning elements. If not, invest the money in a well done, professional cover. Remember, when you put something out to the public with your name on it, you want them to be drawn in, not driven away.  Many people do “Judge a Book by it’s Cover.”

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